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It has always Jack's dream to produce and compose original music, whether it is for an artist, a band, television, or film. 

Since opening Jack Ryan Music at its current location, Jack has always toyed with the idea of bringing a full service, professional recording studio to Midlothian, and during the worst part of the COVID19 Pandemic, Jack, with some help of some hopeful students and instructors, made this dream a reality. 

The recording studio features a full 48 Channel recording capability with a professional control room, live room, and vocal/acoustic isolation booth. 



1969 Gibson Byrdland

1981 Gibson ES-347

1939 Gibson L-5

1920 Gibson F-4 Mandolin

1971 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty

1971 Gibson Les Paul Recording

1967 Fender Telecaster with B Bender and Nashville Pickup

2003 Martin OM-42

1924 Bacon and Day Ne Plus Ultra No6 Silver Bell Plectrum Banjo

1926 Bacon and Day Ne Plus Ultra No6 Super Plectrum Banjo

2000 Epiphone Sheraton Made In USA

2019 G&L Comanche

1977 Fender Stratocaster Hard Tail

Fender PJ Bass

1990 Ovation Custom Legend

Epiphone Wilshire

Fender Malibu

Epiphone Les Paul Standard with Trem

Fender P Bass

Dan Electro Baritone Guitar

1965 Yamaha Classical Guitar

1950 Harmony Parlor Guitar

Fender 12 String Guitar

1977 Ibanez Roadstar II

Samick Blackbird Guitar

Samick 5 String Mastertone Style Banjo

Cordoba Koa Tenor Ukulele

Gibson Explorer

Yamaha Motif 61 Piano

Yamaha Baby Grand Piano

Yamaha  Clavinova Piano

Gretsch Catalina Club Drums with Sabian Cymbals

Magnus Chord Organ

Novastation Midi Controller

Digital Turntable Mixer


ProTools 2020

Logic Pro


FL Studio


Studio One


Cake Walk

Antares AutoTune
Helix Native

ElevenRack Bundle

Waves Mercury Bundle



MacPro 12 Core Processor 128 Gigs of Ram

MacPro 6 Core 64 Gigs of Ram

MacBook Pro Touchbar 6 Core 32 Gigs of Ram

Mac G5 for Pro Tools 5

Macbook Air

iPad Pro 12.9"

30TB of physical storage

40" HD Display, 32" Display, 32" Display

Soundcraft Analog Console 32 Channels

Soundcraft Ui24R Interface

26" Touchscreen Mixer

Behringer XR18 Interface

Scarlett 4i4 Interface for Control Room

Scarlett 2i2 Interface for Vocal Booth

DigiDesign 002R Interface

Avid Eleven Rack Interface

Line 6 Helix Floor 

ART MPA II Tube Preamp

Empirical Labs Distressor Compressor

BBE Sonic Maximizer

DBX Compressor

Roberts 2 Channel Mic Tube Preamp

Ampex 601 Mic Tube Preamp

Ampex 602 Mice Tube Preamp

Presonus Central Station

JBL M Patch 2

JBL L110 Vintage Full Range Monitors

M-Audio Carbon BX8 Monitors

JBL 305P MKII Monitors

Presonus Eris 5 Monitors 

Haüer Monitor Amp

Tube Speaker Preamp

16 Channel Snake

16 Channel Snake

8 Channel Headphone Amp

4 Channel Headphone Amp

Yamaha Mixing MiniConsole for Vocal Booth



1964 Fender Deluxe Reverb

1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb

1975 Musicman 212HD

Quilter Aviator 112

Line 6 Helix Floor

Fender HotRod Deluxe

Roland COSM

Peavey Special 130

Fender Super Champ XD

Fender Cyber Twin

Yorkville Bass Head

Yorkville 210 Bass Cab

GK 410 Bass Cab

Boss Katana 50

Fender Mustang 1

Vox AD50 Tube Amp


Blue Bottle

Blue Kiwi Bottle

Blue Hummingbird

Shure SM7B

Shure 51S

MXL 990(Capsule Mod)

MXL 4000(Capsule Mod)

MXL CR77(Capsule Mod)


Shure Green Bullet

Shure SM57

Shure SM57

Shure SM57

Shure SM 58

Shure Beta 58

Shure Beta 57

Shure Beta 57

Shure Beta 52

Shure Beta 81

Shure Beta 81

ElectroVoice PL20

Rode M5

Rode M5

Our recording studio operates around our teaching schedule, but is always free to book Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

We have several ways to go about booking the studio for you, and are always glad to discuss what best suits your project. 

Standard Rate is $60 per hour with a 4 hour minimum(If tracking takes more than 4 hours, you will be charged an additional fee for mixing)

Day Rate is $400 which is a 9 hour day with a 1 hour lunch break. 

If you'd like Jack or other professional session players to play on your project, it will cost more depending on the involvement and player.  

If you'd like Jack to produce your project, add an additional fee per song plus production royalties or without production royalties, double the fee per song.  


There are special exceptions for production deals with Jack, but upon hearing your demos/songs, he will make the determination if he would like to enter into a recording contract with you, and then present you with his offer. The worst thing you could do is to email us and ask for free recording because of how awesome you sound. We'll both have to be in agreement to work out a deal. 

It is up to Jack's sole discretion to determine if he'd like to be credited on your project, as he follows David Foster's advice of 'If It isn't exactly the way you want it, don't put your name on it.'