“Both of my girls, ages 11 and 13, have started lessons with Jack. My 13-year-old had a brain hemorrhage at birth and currently has an IEP for reading and comprehension. She desperately wanted to take violin when she started 6th grade, but was/is unable due to the extra reading classes she needs. She was disappointed, but we were thrilled when Jack posted about lessons on Facebook! He is super patient with her, and both girls are so excited about “studying” what Mr. Jack has given them! Although we have just started lessons, we are completely satisfied and will definitely recommend him to friends!”

-Sherrie G.

“We are so fortunate to have found Jack Ryan. If you are looking for lessons or your children are interested in taking up an instrument, Jack homes HIGHLY recommended by our family. It took me five minutes to realize he was a good ole boy! My husband has been taking private weekly lessons with him. Jack is a great guy beyond being a musically talented fella! When our baby girl was sick, he took the time to let us know he was praying for her. Being in my good graces isn’t an easy task, but this guy surely has become someone I speak highly of!”

-Brandy M.

“Jack is patient, teaches to the level of the student no matter how basic their initial needs, has a safe, clean, studio space in an office complex centrally located with ample parking, and is an expert on instruments for sure. He took my 15-year-old cheap banjo, messed around with it for ten minutes, and made it an entirely new instrument.”

-Lauren H.

“My daughter hates orchestra at school but looks forward to her lessons with Jack each week. At school, she gets no individual attention and really needed it as a beginner. She has started playing songs rather than just scales after just THREE lessons with Jack - they aren’t doing songs at school yet at all.”

-Heather S.

"Check out Jack Ryan music. You won't be disappointed. Jack is an excellent teacher and a great resource if you want to purchase an old or new instrument. I can't believe how much progress I've made in five weeks. Come and join the fun!!!"

-Camille D.

“It didn’t take me long to feel like we had known Jack for years. He came to our home for the first lesson (prior to having his studio). We immediately felt comfortable. My home was filled with the sounds of him singing and the magic rolled from his guitar. It brought tears to my eyes. He made my fiancé feel extremely comfortable and after a few weeks of lessons with Jack, he is actually PLAYING his guitar in front of me. We have had a very few stressful months and Jack has become a friend of ours. He sends me messages checking on things and lets us know that he is sending prayers. Jack is extremely patient, kind, and extremely talented! I am glad that I found Jack and will proudly stand behind his talents and call him a friend now!”

-Brandy P.

“My 8-year-old has wanted to learn how to play guitar for years. She took a month of lessons at a place and hated it and learned nothing. Since she has been with Jack, she has learned so much and is gaining confidence. My 6-year-old had to get in on the action and is taking keyboard lessons. She loves it. Jack is so great with kids and really has the passion to teach. So thankful I saw his post on Midlothian Classifieds and signed my girls up. Thank you for all that you do!”                                                                                    -Mindy W.

"Jack has been teaching my 8-year-old son how to play the guitar for almost 2 months. My son is a bit shy but feels very at ease with Jack. He has so much patience and is a great teacher. If you are looking to learn how to play any one of the multitude of instruments he instructs, I highly recommend you give him a call, you won't be disappointed!!!"

-Brandy K.

"I'm extremely picky with who my children are exposed to. I took my boys to Jack and they absolutely love him. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor for them. He's a true blessing. I'm so very grateful that he is sharing his talent with others."

-Dawn R.

"Jack Ryan is an awesome teacher. He takes his time to make you understand the teaching. I am not the easiest student. Jack has stuck with me and is very understanding and encourages me to keep going."

-Thomas S.

"Jack is a wonderful instructor! I am so happy we found him! I can't wait to see where our music skills will go!"

-Sandy D.

“Jack teaches me piano. They don’t make a nicer human being. He’s amazing at all types of instruments. I recommend this guy 100%.”

-Joseph H.

"Jack Ryan is by far the BEST musician and teacher ever. He has been blessed with musical skills and to me is a shining star."

-Carol E.

"I've taken lessons before but working with Jack has been much more enjoyable. I was playing a song after the first lesson, unlike before where I had to have a few lessons first. Very talented. Highly recommended."

-Clinton B.

"Jack is VERY patient, cooperative, and knowledgeable. He is a gifted musician and his vast experience playing in Nashville translates very well to his teaching career."

-Jan G.

"Jack is a really good teacher. He has the ability to make you feel comfortable and the knowledge to tell and show you how to learn."

-Wayne H.

"Never had a teacher that I could work with until I met Jack." 

-Dylan D.

“We have started lessons several times before and this is the first time my son has stuck with it. He is working very well with Jack and looks forward to going every week.”

-Pam P.

"Amazing teacher and musician! Someone I'm very happy to have mentoring my stepson."

-Spencer W.

"Fantastic teacher. can play several instruments like a champ and has the patience of a saint. Very affordable. I highly recommend. Very comfortable environment."

-Jeremy F.

"Hospitality and personality! Jack has mastered his craft. He is a picker's picker! I'm in awe of musicians like Jack Ryan."

-Bobby H.

"Very patient with my son and he is 10!! I was nervous at first but my son lit up when he saw Jack! My son looks forward to lessons every Saturday!!"

-Diana J.

"Jack's been teaching both my girls for about two months now. I especially admire his patience with my younger one, and how well he gets her to focus when she's distracted. Thanks Jack!"

-Tina T.

"Jack is the most competent and accomplished musician I've ever encountered. He's extremely well-versed in nearly 20 instruments, and his teaching skills are second to none."

-Connor B.